Full service
We offer grain and fertiliser storage space in our warehouse complex in Jõgeva, which meets all of the requirements. The price of the storage service includes a grain quality test upon the receipt of the goods and we also offer an on-location grain and corn milling service upon request.

Excellent location
A logistically convenient location in Jõgeva right next to Tapa-Tartu railway allows you to move large quantities of grain within Estonia and abroad. Our warehouse complex has a private siding that is connected to the main railway. The nearest highways are Piibe, Jõgeva-Mustvee and Jõgeva-Põltsamaa, which ensure a convenient connection to all of the largest national roads.

In addition to storage, we also offer a transloading service from covered goods wagons to lorries or warehouses and from warehouses to lorries or wagons.

Storage area:
Storage capacity:

Prices are established by agreement, depending on the storage period and quantity of the goods.

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