We test grain quality and determine its suitable field of use. We also provide instructions on how to read the results and professional assessments for both farmers and grain marketers. Our laboratory was renewed in 2016, which means that our results are up to today’s high standards.

Our main services are:

  • Germination rate test
  • Purity test
  • Moisture test
  • Determination of 1,000 kernel weight
  • Detection of storage pests
  • Complex analyses

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Price list of laboratory services

Germination rate test
cereals, beans and peas€10.00 per sample
grasses€12.00 per sample
rape, turnip rape and flax€12.00 per sample
Purity test
seed grains€8.00 per sample
grasses, rape and turnip rape€10.00 per sample
Moisture test€4.00 per sample
Determination of 1,000 kernel weight€7.00 per sample
Detection of storage pests€7.00 per sample
Complex analyses
wheat, oats, barley and rye (impurities, moisture, protein, pests and specific weight)€7.00 per sample
corn (impurities, moisture, protein, pests and specific weight)€7.00 per sample
beans and peas (impurities, moisture, protein, pests and colour purity)€10.00 per sample
milling wheat (impurities, moisture, protein, specific weight, falling number, wet gluten and pests)€20.00 per sample