About us

Eesti Viljasalv has developed into a family company specialising in the purchase, sale and transit of feedstuffs, grain, oil seeds and biofuels. In 10 years, the company’s turnover has increased from 5 to 72 million euros and the quantity of goods from 20,000 to approx. 400,000 tonnes. The goods are acquired from the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan and realised in 14 European countries.

The company mainly sells sunflower meal, sunflower seed cake, rapeseed cake, linseed cake, linseed and sunflower husk pellets as a biofuel.


We offer our clients the most reliable intermediation service for the purchase of grain, raw materials for feedstuffs and other agricultural products always at the best market price.


We strive to be the most trustworthy partner in the trade of grain and raw materials for feedstuffs. Our word is our bond.


AS Eesti Viljasalv was founded in 1998 on the basis of the National Grain Board (Riigi Viljasalv), which was active from 1937-1940 and 1992-1998. The National Grain Board was responsible for the public buying-in of grain and maintaining reserves pursuant to the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

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