Sunflower seed cake

Sunflower seed cake is a by-product of hot-pressing sunflower seeds to extract oil, used as a high-energy high-protein animal feed. Sunflower seed cake contains 32-36% crude protein, up to 20% crude fibre and up to 10% crude fat.

The energy content of its dry matter varies from 10-12 MJ/kg, depending largely on the cake’s residual fat content. Sunflower seed cake is a nutritious high-protein feed suitable for the feed ration of cattle, pigs and poultry alike.

Eesti Viljasalv offers sunflower seed cake in multiple levels of quality from the following countries:

1. Country of origin: Russia, ungranulated. Min. protein in dry matter 28%, max. moisture 9%, max. crude fibre 26%, min. crude fat 9%. Factual test results show that the product has a stable composition: 28-29.5% protein, 26-26.9% crude fibre, 9-9.5% crude fat, 6.5% crude ash and 7-9% moisture. Differences between contractual and factual indicators arise from the terms of the contract, because in the case of sales, the production plant ensures the product’s quality pursuant to the producer’s state standard GOST-11048-95.