Fishmeal is made of fish industry waste and fish that is unsuitable for human consumption. It is a nutritious high-protein (60-70% DM) feed. Fishmeal is fed to pigs, poultry and fur-bearing animals to cover their protein and essential amino acid intake.

Fish and fish waste contain almost all of the necessary vitamins, especially B-group vitamins (whole fish also contains vitamins A and D). Fish products are also rich in minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus. Depending on the material, one kilogram of fishmeal can contain 50-60 g of calcium and 25-35 g of phosphorus. Fishmeal dry matter can contain up to 12% fat.

Eesti Viljasalv offers fishmeal in multiple levels of quality from the following countries:

1. Country of origin: Poland, 100% fishmeal, min. protein 60%, max. moisture 6%, max. crude fat 12%, crude ash 17%

2. Country of origin: Poland, stabilised with soy, min. protein 65%, max. moisture 6%, max. crude fibre 2.8%, max. crude fat 13%, crude ash 6.5%.

On order, min. quantity 24 Mt.