Brewers’ grains

Brewers’ grains are a by-product of beer production. Brewers’ grains contain 20% dry matter on average, a quarter of which (23%) is made up of protein, making it a high-protein feed. It contains more crude fibre than grain (17% DM) and has the highest content of nitrogen-free extracts as well as unfermented starch and sugars.

The additional value of brewers’ grains lies in its many products of fermentation, especially B-group vitamins. The metabolic energy content of brewers’ grains is 10.8 MJ/kg DM when fed to ruminants. Brewers’ grains are mainly used as cattle feed.

Eesti Viljasalv offers brewers’ grains in multiple levels of quality from the following countries:

1. Country of origin: Russia, granulated min. protein in dry matter 22%, max. moisture 9%, max. crude fibre 16%, max. crude fat 8%.